Wednesday, December 17, 2008


This is a dedicated site selling some of the best jeans you'll ever find in Malaysia. This is my collection I gathered when I studied in the United States. Most of the jeans are the limited edition collection from Levis USA.

Because of the quality of the jeans, you'll find the price to be very "interesting". Well, the definition of the word "interesting" depends on your knowledge of this kind of jeans. If you're a hardcore jeans fans, you'll find my price to be very cheap compared to the bundle stores across Malaysia (and it's unlikely for you to find these jeans in levis outlet, because these jeans are US specific -for US market only). But if you know nothing about this kind of jeans, then you'll say that they're way overpriced. Over a thousand ringgit for a pair of jeans? yes, that's bloody cheap actually.

Anyone interested just shoot me an email You could also call/sms me 0129643264..

So here you go..

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